Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another Testimoni from PB User

Satu lagi testimoni dari PB user..memang mula2 orang macam malas nak pakai PB ni..macam2 reason diaorang bagi..*Malas nak pakailah..*Mahal lah..*Iye ke? Boleh percaya ke PB ni?...Kalau nak listkan memang kene wat banyak entry alasan2 yang customer bagi..

Tapi perlu diingatkan disini..PB adalah pakaian dalaman yang menekankan 70% kesihatan dan dalam masa yang sama 30% kecantikan akan terbentuk. Cuba tengok produk2 kecantikan/ korset yang lain..semuanya focus on kecantikan tapi not more to kesihatan. Cantik pun tak guna kalau badan tak sihat kan..kan..!! Kalau dah sakit lagi banyak duit kita habis..kene ulang-alik hospital lagik...Mencegah penyakit kan lebih baik dari mengubat bila dah terkena penyakit tu. Mari kita berusaha bersama-sama untuk menjaga kesihatan dan kehidupan yang lebih baik. Usaha + Doa + Tawakal sebab semuanya datang dari Allah. Tapi kalau kita tak berusaha dari awal pun tak boleh juga..

Jadiiii kita layan entry for today.....:-) 

Yesss...I 've been trying out the Premium Beautiful corset for the past 1 month and loving it to bits!! I first knew about the corset long time ago, but was a bit skeptical to try it on.

1st and 2nd day
When I wear my PB set for the first time, I felt like a robot, but in actual fact, people see me like normal but more CURVACIOUS maybe :) none of my colleuge or family members notice any abnormal walking/posture, except for my hubby...

I had a very mild degree of scoliosis, which you will see more obvious on the X-ray.  Hence, the slumped posture that I have.

With PB, it gave me a proper posture, not only when I walk, but also when I sit.

When we sit with a good posture, it gives a good impression and you will look professional too.
1st and 2nd day, was the hardest cos I wasn't used to wear it myself yet. The waist nipper has 3 hooks, and I used the 2nd hook so that I won't feel too tight and it gave a nice grip to my body. If you feel uncomfortable it's either the size of the corset is wrong, or you wear it too tight. I noticed that I burp and passed flatus (farted) a simpler words, buang angin :) it feels good you know :)

Now in 3rd day, I got my move and groove, and it's as easy as wearing your normal undergarments

I felt more and more comfortable with it. It fits my body perfectly, the cloth is not thick, and I don't feel hot at all. Mind you, I'm working in a government hospital where most of the wards are aircond-less..

1st WEEK
I can't LIVE without my PB!!! PB is very addictive. PB has now replaced all my undergarments. Out goes my La Senza, Xixili, Triumph and what not.  I feel comfortable with it..sleeping with it, running, walking, eating, going to toilet etc. I noticed that I feel full faster. I'm not like my usual self where I would use to shove food down my food pipe.

2nd WEEK
I could see some changes..I noticed my waist nipper getting loose. From the 2nd hook, I moved to the 3rd hook hook :), My spare tyres were deflated. No more lipatan2 degil ;p. I lost 2 inches around my waist and buttock!! and that was my main target when I chose to start wearing PB.

Cellulites around my legs are less visible...AMAZING!!! I know!!

3rd WEEK
Had my first menses while wearing PB without any PMS (pre menstrual syndromes). No crying episodes (call me weird, but I'll sure will cry sometimes for no reason when the time of the month came)..I don't feel moody or tired.
Period pain are much lesser compared to before . I can fit in my old pants..I don't have much cravings for food as bad as before. I some how eat less nowadays and I like that. Still I enjoy good food :)
My 'love-handle' is completely gone! that was the culprit that I had difficulty getting rid off long time ago...

4th WEEK
I'm in my 4th week of wearing PB corset and am still excited for more new changes that I anticipate. This weekend will be the perfect time to weight myself and I'm hoping for the best :)..

For those who have tried but have failed to loose weight, worry not! There is still hope. Try out this corset, cos it really works!!! 

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