Sunday, 18 September 2011

Testimoni Lagiiiii

Ramai sebenarnya orang yang berpuas hati dengan PB nih. Sebab tula dia hotselling item..macam pisang panas yang dijual time hujan..hujan..apatah lagi kalau pekena dengan kopi 'o' atau teh panas memang sodappp..Kepada sesiapa yang masih teragak2 nak beli tu janganlah was2..trus grab satu untuk kesihatan dan kecantikan diri anda...

Ok..another testimoni PB user - credit to Naa Kamaruddin..layanzzz

Now, i'm a proud mom of my 10 months old boy..bila pangkat dah jadi mommy ni, semua sizes pon naik sekali ;) haha..all comes together in one stretch marks!! so, of course i am not comfortable with the post pregnancy figure..sape nak kan, the jeans from size 25 to size 28 with all the flabby jellies all around :( 

During confinement, I was so depressed to see my own figure in the mirror, but still hoping that i will be back on shape after few months.  After confinement, i tried to put on my pants and jeans and kebaya..uwarrghhhhh!!~ I can no longer wear those pants and clothes. what am i going to wear??? 

After few months, i managed to slim down my body..BUT sgt sgt sgt lah lambat. Every now n then, i tried to put on my KEBAYA. lama2 tuh boleh la push nak masuk, tapi nampak mcm tersiksa jer pakai. One day, i got  an interview, i was digging my old office wear and searching for the right one. Then I realised, I am STILL FAT!!! I couldn't wear those old shirts and pants anymore..and MR hubby could only laugh..(KEJAM!)

NOW, with PremiumBeautiful i can see the TRANSFORMATION instantly!
I got the PERFECT hour glass figure and yeayyyy, i can wear all my old clothes and pants. MR hubby is now smiling and admiring my NEW figure  ;)

This is me..after 40 days of confinement

After 2 months...

After 8 months....

ON THE FIRST DAY of wearing PB..

i can get the perfect figure instantly! 
AMAZING PB = PremiumBeautiful
and i'm loving it more and more and more...........
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